Logging with Colors in JavaScript Console (Chrome/FF)

colorlog.js Helps with managing the information overload in JavaScript Console logs.

Trouble with finding that one log, in a overload of logs in JavaScript Console1? How about log.green("args"), or log.yellow("args") or may be even log.red("args"). Well, that is how I started on colorlog.js. But now it has become a little more than that.

JavaScript code by me is usually wrapped in an IIFE. This helps with managing logging also. For example, note that we didn’t use console.log, but rather just log. Here is how it happens.

    App = {} // The global application object

    (function (app, log) {
        function afunc() {
            log.green("args"); // a green background log
            log("args"); // a normal log
            log.yellow("args", {a:'object'}); // log objects too
        App.afunc = afunc;
    }(App, App.log.withPrefix("moduleName:")));

And with App.afunc(), that gives (in Chrome).

Well, that doesn’t explain how App.log came about, but wait. Note how we can conveniently add a prefix for all the logs called from this module. Well, its not just that. Replace App.log.withPrefix with App.log.mute and logs from the module won’t be shown. Oh, and you can use App.log also, if you don’t need the prefix.

Well, that is almost it. Except for a small function log.instrument_fns. Call it on an hash of functions, and every time one of those functions is called, a log will be shown in console, in red. I know, silly. Please only use it for small debug sessions. It should never go out in the wild.

Change things as you like, after copying the code from below. And yes, if you look at the code below, you will know how App.log came about.

One of the big downsides with this library, is the line number mess.

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  1. In the days before, I used to do console.log("********", "actual arguments"); or something like that. 

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