Mini Mocha

mochajs is a testing framework in JavaScript. You can find a minimal implementation of synchronous mocha api at ciju/mini-mocha. Your task is to write asynchronous api and the corresponding tests, of the mocha api.

Clone the repository and then run npm install to setup install dependencies. run npm start to test the current implementation. Its output should match with ‘output.txt’. The code supports synchronous test. Write some asynchronous tests. Modify (or rewrite) the implementation to pass those tests. Ex, second param to test (the function which has the testing logic) should take a parameter (lets call it done), and call that parameter with the status of the asynchronous operation.

In code terms, current implementation allows for synchronous tests written as:

test('should test ![] === true ', () => {
  assert.equal(![], true);

Change the implementation to also allow for asynchronous tests, ex:

test('should test ![] === true ', (done) => {
  setTimeout(() => {
    try {
      assert.equal(![], true);
      done(); // success case
    } catch (err) {
      done(err); // error case

Note that the test should be run in the same sequence that they are defined. The output and the execution of individual tests should not be interspersed.