When future of your business depends on a rewrite, we might be of help.

The success of a rewrite comes down to understanding the problem domain and business priorities along with complexity and risk involved in the execution. Like most things in life, its a play of tradeoffs.

Our experience helps us make informed tradeoffs.

Our approach to rewrites

  • Understand, accommodate and communicate risks & uncertainties, early in the project.
  • Break down the rewrite into smaller chunks, prioritizing components which help improve the system most while keeping risk at a minimum.
  • Choose the right technologies and tools. In the past we've picked up Elixir, React, Go, Kubernetes, Kafka, Webpack and more to solve specific problems.

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Case studies

We rewrote their notification system serving a few hundered thousand messages per day which brought down the hardware cost to a 1/3. Read more

We made 3G page load speed on a few ecommerce product listing pages comparable to Jabong, Koovs, Flipkart & Amazon. Read more

We helped detangle an over-architected micro-services setup and provided technical guidance. Read more